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Commercial Video Production for Performance Based Results 0

When Paul Cherry of Performance Based Results needed a commercial video production team, he turned to Lorray Digital Media Group! We shot Paul and his partner, Pat in Wilmington, Delaware today as part of a 2-part shoot to produce a promotional video for their consulting firm. Paul and Pat provide training for sales teams for companies and businesses throughout the USA. Performance Based Results sets itself apart from other sales training programs by going beyond the “event” and assisting sales individuals to achieve ongoing success through coaching. We filmed one of the workshops led by Paul and Pat and were very impressed with their personal, straight forward training that was practical and applicable to a wide variety of businesses. As a commercial video production team, Lorray Digital Media group is happy to provide services to Paul and Pat and have learned quite a bit about sales from both of them!
While Paul and Pat are fantastic as workshop presenters, like many people used to public speaking, they both found speaking on camera a bit more challenging. We were able to help them craft their message, create a concise and cogent delivery, and coach them on the best visual approaches for their video. Paul and Pat were both great learners and followed our advice. Even though they found it difficult at first, by the time we were finished they were “pros” at being on camera. We appreciate the fact that Paul and Pat chose Lorray Digital Media Group for the commercial video production and look forward to working with them on other projects as well.


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