Lorray Digital Media carefully assesses each project to determine a fair market value.  Every project is different, and has different parameters, requirements, and content.  Videos vary greatly in length, in complexity, size, and style.  We price projects at a very competitive rate and we are generally lower than most of our competition. We work hard for each dollar and believe that each video project is a significant investment for the client, and should be viewed the same way by the contractor.  Here are some things that you should know: first, we own all our own equipment. We do not build in to our fees an amount for equipment usage, as most professionals do. We own and operate the finest video, audio and lighting gear and all the necessary supports and peripherals that go into making each video.   Second, we include all our own expenses in our quotes, unless specifically noted. Usually that happens if we have to arrange for plane fares, hotels, etc.  Generally, expenses incurred in projects from Boston to Washington DC are included in our price quote. Third, we want to be flexible. We are more than willing to work with each client to find a comfortable rate that enables us to do the work and enables the client to afford the features desired.

Below you will find  two lists; the first things that are typically included in our price quote, and things that are generally considered as add-on features.  Fourth, we work with many gifted and talented actors, spokesmodels, presenters, voice over artists, editors and production assistants. For every project we will do our best to match the best talent to your project, if talent is needed.  Whatever your project may be, we’ll take the time to evaluate what the needs are, what the solutions are, and approximate to the best of our ability the solution that is both affordable and reasonable.

To view a limited selection of actors and spokes models affiliated with our studio,  click here

Types of Projects

We Accept
Corporate Videography
Seminars & Workshops
Educational/Training Videos
Product Demos
Product Infomercials
Music Videos
Live Performances
Artistic Videos
Film Production
Kickstarter/indiegogo videos
Demo Videos
Concept – Script Writing
Marketing Videos
Large Event, Trade Shows, Conventions
Feature Films

Services & Features

Available at additional cost
Multi camera shoots
Set Design
Costuming & Props
Multi-day Shoots
Live Streaming
Multichannel Audio for Live Performance Events
4K Videography